Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

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What is Search Engine Optimization and why I would need it?

That’s a long question isn’t?

Well here’s the absolute fact you need to know!

SEO is not about tricking search engines or people to get in to a website from search engine result page(SERP). Definitely not about misleading people to pages that are not related to their search queries. It is about making sure that your site is providing RELEVANT and HIGH-QUALITY CONTENT with a hint of USER-FRIENDLINESS.

As an SEO specialist, our goal is to create a strategy for your site and content to maintain those 3 elements so you can reach your target audience when they do a search.

This type of marketing strategy is from organic efforts and it may not be as quick as paying ads. At the same time, major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are continuously updating their algorithms to make sure that search results provides accurate information.

Having that said, it may take time to be on top results.

However, SEO is still one of the best because it brings lifetime results.

Ads can return you high and quick results but if your site is not on the first page of SERP then you just missed a million users of Search Engines.

The perks of increasing your organic searches include high ranking on the search engines, trust, credibility, inbound marketing and less reliance on ads.

Our SEO Services

Site audit & reporting

Consultations on what and which regarding your whole site’s SEO stuff? We’ll check it for you and we’ll provide you recommendations that you can use for a long run.

We create reports about your websites overall traffic and performance so we can target all the opportunities and improve your search visibility.

On-Page seo

Increase your CTR (click through rate) and search visibility by making sure your content and pages are using white label keyword strategies.

Our SEO specialists will also provide a comprehensive keyword report that you can use for content creation.

Let’s also take a look at your abandoned pages and give them a little bit of spark to light up your visibility on search engines.

Off-page optimization & link building

This is the most effective and most tedious strategy of SEO.

Connecting with other sites and making your content shareable is one way to build backlinks (external links that points towards your site).

This type of optimization requires a great knowledge on identifying which backlinks that are good for you and which are not.

Getting referrals from bad links and bad SEO practice can lead you from being penalized by search engines.

Good thing we never let that happen!


seo writing

Your content is the bread and butter of your site. That’s what search engines use to decide whether a search query is relevant to your site or not.

Having an article or blog posts that are compliant with SEO white label practices is definitely a plus to increase your SERP’s position.

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